Obituary: Elizabeth Radue, former Daily American journalist

Elizabeth Radue's funeral was held at the Basilica of San Lorenzo Dec. 2, 2021

ROME – Elizabeth Radue, an expatriate from the United States who worked as an editor at the English-language Daily American newspaper in Rome in its heyday in the 1980s, has died at age 82, friends announced.

 Elizabeth also worked in publishing and as a tour guide and English language teacher and was active in community groups in Rome, helping countless people with addiction problems.

 Having grown up in Washington DC, she travelled to Europe as a young woman and settled in the Eternal City where she lived for 40 years. Well-read and intellectually curious, she worked as a proof reader and copy editor at the bohemian newsroom in the Via Barberini of the Daily American, which was founded by journalists who arrived in Rome at the end of the Second World War with the U.S. army newspaper Stars and Stripes.

 Despite being left partially disabled by a street accident some years ago and recent illness, she remained inimitable though always modest and gentle.  

 Elizabeth will be remembered and deeply missed by her family in America, by former colleagues, and by a large circle of devoted friends in Italy.

 Elizabeth Radue: born June 9, 1939. 

 Died Nov. 29, 2021.