Are firewood pizza ovens worth it?

  With the evolution of technology and various innovations, there are now numerous ways to cook pizza. You can use frying pans, grills, fan over, outdoor gas grills, or charcoal grills. Despite all these, most people still agree that the traditional way of cooking pizza using firewood is the best method. 

  Firewood pizza ovens are extremely useful and are a long-term investment. You can check out Pizza Oven Pros to see the various firewood pizza ovens you can buy to cook your next pizza. Meanwhile, here are four reasons why using a firewood pizza oven is worthwhile.

  Fast cooking time

  Even if firewood pizza ovens take quite a while to heat up, it can reach an incredibly high temperature when it is finally ready for your pizza. The temperature can rise to 800°F or 427°C. That level of hotness can quickly cook a traditional stone-baked thin-crust pizza in as fast as two minutes! 

  This fast cooking time is not only better for your patience but also your health. The faster the food is cooked, the more nutrients are retained. In addition to that, it gives the toppings such as the vegetables a tender texture and smoky flavor without getting rid of the vitamins it contains. 

  Best flavour

  If you only want to settle for authentic tasting pizza that is not just bought from the supermarket, firewood pizza ovens will be a good investment for you. As mentioned, the smoky flavor given by the wood is tough to replicate by other methods. The taste of the pizza can also vary depending on the wood you will use, so you can experiment with different types to better suit your taste. 

  Moreover, the best crunchy pizza crust is produced by none other than wood-fired pizza ovens. The high temperature of the oven toasts the pizza corners quickly. Even if the crust is toasted, the toppings are not, so you will not end up with a foul burnt-tasting pizza. 


  Most, if not all, models of firewood pizza ovens do not require any electricity at all. Aside from not bursting up your bill, these ovens will not let you add too much carbon footprint because you will not be burning fossil fuels. Firewood pizza ovens utilize a renewable fuel source--wood--which is cheaper than buying in bulk. With these ovens, you will not only have a delicious pizza, but you will be helping the environment!


  Firewood pizza ovens are not solely used for cooking pizzas. It can also be used for making a wide variety of dishes like soups, stews, roasted meat, and vegetables, as well as desserts like cakes, crisps, and cobblers. In addition, firewood pizza ovens can be used for convection, conduction, and radiant cooking, so it truly is multifunctional. 

  Firewood pizza ovens are worth it. It can be expensive but is a worthy investment that you can use for numerous purposes and for a long time. Aside from producing quality, delicious pizza, and other food, it will keep you healthy and contribute positively to the environment. So, if you are looking for a sign to finally buy firewood pizza ovens, this is it.