Cross-dressing FAO executive expelled from Maghreb

The Gafsa Oasis in Tunisia

 ALGIERS – An FAO Representative has left his post in a north African capital after the UN agency executive was found by local police wearing women’s clothing during a raid on an illegal gay night club, FAO sources say.

 The cross-dressing UN executive, who was accompanied at the club by a boyfriend, was declared persona non grata in the Maghreb country and was withdrawn by the FAO.

 Maghreb states list homosexual acts as a punishable offense, for both men and women.

 The affair is the latest to come to light regarding the activities of flamboyant FAO ‘ambassadors’ in Africa after the Insider disclosed the amorous tendencies of a Nigerian Representative with three wives in situ for the UN agency elsewhere on the continent.

 There was no immediate comment from the FAO press office when contacted by the Insider.



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