Italy steps closer to digital public administration

  ROME - The Italian government has implemented policies that will allow people inside Italy to access a large number of administrative functions using online portals.

Italy Allowing You to Handle All of Your Business Online

  If you ask the vast majority of people, the primary reason they hate going to do any kind of business with the government is that it takes forever. Long lines, government bureaucracy, and sometimes workers can be disinterested, maybe even rude with those who are simply trying to get a new driver’s license, have a question answered regarding attacks, or some other similar matter resolved.

  Most understand that they have to do business with the government in some way or another, but they hate the interaction that goes along with it. It is frustrating. The worst part is that for years there was really nothing you can do about it. If you needed a new ID card, you had to go to the government building to get that resolved.

  At least that is the way it has been up until Italy decided to change this policy, opening the door for people to use their handheld device or computer to be able to resolve many of the tasks they need from government officials. Now it looks like they will be able to handle many of their administrative tasks simply by using their electronic device.

Changing Policies for the Better in Italy

  One thing that cannot be denied, is that Italy has been taking steps to improve the manner in which the government operates. This has been seen in a wide array of industries, especially within the gambling industry. 

  There have been four land-based casinos operating in Italy, but the government finally changed their policies to allow for online gambling within the country. This helped to open the door to allow people across the country to play their favorite casino games. Nowadays, online gambling isn't a mission impossible either. There're plenty of online casinos in Italy to choose from, like the ones listed here

  This was only made possible by dramatic changes in the manner in which the government had been operating regarding the gambling industry. The government has even been able to fix issues that brought lawsuits regarding licenses issued to these casinos. Now the process looks to have been streamlined and made more equitable. They are taking the necessary steps it looks like.

Making the Government More Efficient

  While these changes have been great for the gambling community, there are other policies implemented that are having a more positive impact for the majority of Italians. This starts with 19 different applications and tasks that people will be able to perform online, making it so they are no longer required to go to a government office to handle these issues.

  Should you need an ID card, you can now get one processed online and be given a digital equivalent of a passport or personal ID. The document provided will be 100% official, allowing you to use it for all personal matters where an identification or passport is required.

  If you need a hard copy of the identification, there will be several companies that will be accredited by the government to provide these identification cards to you. This will allow Italians to either have the card or identification paperwork sent to them or to go into one of those locations to receive the card.

The Digital Email

  For years, when people had registered mail that needed to be delivered and signed for, they were required to go to the post office to pick it up. This was a challenge for those who were unable to get out of work during normal business hours, but needed this mail.

  Now the government has provided a way to get around that. Through certified email addresses, people can have electronic certified mail, also known as or Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC) sent to them. To receive this email address, people are required to show their ID card. Messages are then sent certified through the system as a registered letter that can be accessed through the email.

  As with the identification cards, certain providers will be accredited to offer the email addresses. A monthly or yearly fee is attached.

Pay Your Bills and Taxes

  Those in Italy will also be able to pay a majority of bills and taxes using an online system. After receiving a code from the Revenue Agency, people would be allowed to open a bank account, pay bills, shop, pay taxes or receive refunds from the government by using the codice fiscale system.

  This will be a huge timesaver, no longer requiring people to come into government agencies or offices to pay taxes or to receive refunds. People will also be able to pay utility bills and other fees related to government services through this account.

  Italians will be able to quickly calculate, declare, pay, check, and claim taxes online. By using their ID number, they will be able to visit the site where tax amounts will be provided to them. If there are returns that are due, they can claim them and have them transferred to their account.

 A Lot of Services Offered

  There will be many services that will become available, reducing the need for direct interaction with government agencies. It starts with a change of residency for those within Italy. A person will easily be able to send information to the registry office, no longer needing to go in to change this information.

  For those who need some form of official certification, they will be able to get and access official records online. This will include marriage certificates, certificates of residency, birth certificates, and other important documents. Verification of identity will be required but, once a person has gone through the verification process, they will be able to access these documents in the future.

  Those in need of applying for Social Security or other forms of benefits will also be able to do so online. This looks to be of great benefit during this time, where many have needed assistance because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  A person will even be able to apply for Italian citizenship. They will be able to scan and send all relevant documents as part of the application process. Once a fee is received, paid by bank transfer, then the process will begin. To complete the process, those seeking application will be required to bring original documents and sign the application in person at the local police headquarters.

Great for Employers

  For employers, there are a great many benefits to the system as well. Those who want to hire non--EU nationals or for non-EU residents who are seeking to bring dependents to Italy will be able to request authorization through the Interior Ministry website. This will allow for visas to be processed easily without filling out a paper copy or having to visit a local office. 

  At the same time, those who are looking to find the status of their residency can also use this website. This eliminates the need for phone calls and wait times on the phone. All this information will be available through the portal.

  Employers will also be able to check the status of workers to ensure that non-Italian citizens are able to legally work within the country.

Access the Government When Out of Italy

  Those who will most benefit from the system are those who are currently not in Italy. Residents who are in another location will still be able to access all of these portals to get any documentation, apply for programs, or receive information needed while they are away.

  This is important for those who may have lost or need an ID, who need access to birth our residency records, or need to show proof of health benefits. All of this will be easily accessible, no matter where a person is in the world. As long as they have the proper ID to prove who they are, they will have access.

  This is being hailed as a great policy change in Italy. By opening the door to allow people to access a large number of government functions online, this will help to reduce the need for people coming to offices. In a time where there is a great concern about the spread of Covid-19 because of direct contact with others, it is only helping to spur the desire to provide the services online. It may not be long before almost all services will be provided in this way.