Italy and Algeria mull over new opportunities at summit dinner

 ROME -- An elegant and convivial dinner born thanks to the interest of members and supporters, sealed by the traditional exchange of gifts and an opportunity dictated by the desire to create new synergies through sport and the prestige of the Lazio Rowing Club.

 In fact, a few days ago, the Ambassador of Algeria to Italy, Ahmed Boutache, invited the President Raffaele Condemi and a "delegation" of Canottieri Lazio to his residence to talk not only about sport and the club but also about opportunities.

 The friendship that binds Italy and Algeria has ancient and solid roots: suffice to say that our nation ranks third in imports for a total value of $ 4.642 billion.

 And it was only a few days ago that the Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Dialogue on bilateral relations and global political and security issues was signed for the strengthening of collaboration between Italy and Algeria.

 President Condemi gifted the club's tie to the ambassador, who reciprocated the gesture by presenting a precious silver platter engraved with a dedication to the members of Canottieri Lazio.

 "Ambassador Boutache was very impressed by the history of our Club and expressed the desire to come and visit us,” said the President of the Circolo Canottieri Lazio Raffaele Condemi. “Algeria is a country that offers important opportunities to be grasped and developed. Yesterday's dinner, beyond the prestige and honour that the ambassador reserved for us, was an opportunity to further strengthen relations between our countries and in particular with our club. The ambassador expressed, in particular, the desire to meet with our business partners to evaluate any proposals and/or forms of collaboration to be promoted with the Algerian government. I hope to return his valued invitation very soon and I am sure this is a great opportunity for both sides.”