Cardinal Angelo Becciu resigns amid London property scandal

Cardinal Angelo Becciu

 VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has accepted the sudden resignation of Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, whose departure has been linked to a London property scandal, La Repubblica reported on Friday.

 The Vatican made the announcement Thursday night that the head of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints had resigned from the post and had “given up the rights associated with being a cardinal.”

 While he remains a cardinal, Becciu cannot take part in a future conclave to elect a new pope.

 The resignation comes amid controversy over an investigation into a London financial scandal, in which the cardinal has been implicated.

 The real estate deal, which took place when Becciu was No. 2 in the Vatican’s secretariat of the state, reportedly lost the Holy See millions of euros in middlemen fees.

 The secretariat of state managed the bank account from which the transactions leading to the acquisition of the property were arranged.

 The funding for the purchase came in large part from the Peter’s Pence donations – financial offerings from members of the faithful.

 Funds were also diverted to some cooperatives managed in Sardinia by the cardinal’s brothers, according to L'Espresso.