Italian short film wins gold at International New York Film Festival

Filming Tides of Memory in Rome

NEW YORK – Luisa Mariani’s short film celebrating Rome, Tides of Memory, has won the Gold Award Best Short Film INYFF 2020, at a festival in New York.

 Mariani’s film was inspired by William Kentridge’s fresco, Triumphs and Labours, on the walls of the river Tiber which celebrated the good and bad of the Eternal City, and its multicultural history and actuality. Tides of Memory explores time and memory through moments of Roman ancient and recent history with scenes of Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg alongside new stories of the reality of Rome today.

 Due to restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic the ceremony was held virtually and the prize will be handed over to Mariani at the Festival’s 2021 event. Nonetheless she was able to celebrate the victory with her cast at a specially organized evening in front of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, chosen deliberately for its depiction of the Hamlet line: “Time is out of joint.” The Italian director is currently producing a feature length version with the stories and characters of Tides of Memory, titled Flussi e Riflussi (Ebb and Flow).