Fabrizio Plessi takes Venice back to the Golden Age

Plessi's golden waterfalls

VENICE -- The Italian modern artist's golden installations head to Venice where they will light up the windows of the Museo Correr in St. Mark’s Square from September 1 to November 15.

 Written upon Plessi’s waterfalls of gold are the words, Pax Tibi, the start of the phrase printed on the gospel under the paw of the iconic Venetian lion.  

 In Venice gold is symbolic, it’s also a reference to the artisanal craft of gilding, which Plessi translates into a digital, modern flux. The work breaches the apparent opposition of primal elements and technology, of nature and artifice, tradition and future.

 In the place where, twenty years ago, he exhibited the Waterfire installation, Plessi returns with The Golden Age (L’Età dell’Oro). Having passed 80, this profound and moving homage to his city is a fitting prologue to the bigger retrospective which will open under the same title in the Autumn at the International Gallery of Art in Ca’Pesaro.