Marcello Nitti resumes visionary journey to Stockholm

Arlequin's heart, by Marcello Nitti

 With the digital camera, only a single shot and no digitalization, Nitti works creative and free. He ”paints” with the camera so that the exciting graphic images which he sees before him are realized.   From the 19 of November and till next February, visitors could experience Like a dream- - a journey into the visionary world of Marcello Nitti”, being his 4th exhibition in Sweden.

 Unique photos will decorate the walls with the revolutionaryphotographic art of Italian photographer and pioneer. His works are the result ofover20-years of research, experimenting and passion for the camera, light, form, color and music.

 Amanda Elmander, owner of Skönhetsfabriken, once stated that  “Mr.Nitti sees the world in a unique way and with his camera he shares his abstract and colorful visions which are appealing and embellish the day.” 

 The author explains that “Since I felt the urge to seize the moment, I felt driven to transfer my vision onto a sheet of paper. Make it permanent. A fatal attraction you might say! Open mind Each of my photos is a mysterious and magical moment although technically explainable. I have always been enthusiastic about researching and discovering new languages in photography. This is a journey full of fascinating unknowns. My photos are my dreams, music, cinematic influences and knowledge combined. Through this curious relationship with the camera, is where I found myself. I constantly feel compelled to explore new horizons in photography, to challenge its limits and expand my possibilities. With just one click of my camera, I am in another world where passion embraces life and desire. By pushing and working the camera, I am transposed and I bring myself to many imaginary worlds. My photos are postcards of my journey. This helps me to improve and to grow spiritually”.

 Marcello Nitti was born & raised in the southern Italian region of Puglia and he continues to live there in Taranto, an important city founded by Greeks in the VIII Century B.C. along the Ionian sea. For over 30 years he has developed his relationship with photography; challenging his patience and expanding his limits and continuing to experiment. Once he is satisfied that the vision is captured, it could take up to a year and require Marcello to place himself in awkward positions for long periods of time, with just one click he takes only 2 or 3 photos. Then, with no digital manipulation, he transposes them onto fine art paper with high quality ink in large formats. For the exhibition prints are 32.9cm x 48.30cm. He makes each photo numbered, signed, authenticated and guaranteed.

Photography exhibition "COME UN SOGNO" (like a dream), till February 2020 a photographic journey into the visionary world of Marcello Nitti.
VERNISSAGE 19th November 2019. h.14:00

Introduces Hannah Gerner Location: Espresso SEMPRE Bar, Jakobsbergsgatan 7, STOCKHOLM.