Maker Faire Rome brings tech innovation to ancient city

 ROME - Thanks to Maker Faire Rome, for 3 days from Oct 18 to 20, Rome this year will become the European capital of innovation, hosting one of the most important worldwide events about innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability, artificial intelligence, robotics, circular economy, internet of things, space, health and much more.

 Maker Faire Rome is the largest innovation and technology fair outside the United States. An event in continuous growth and development, visited every year by over 100,000 visitors.

 Here you can meet the most brilliant minds that will revolutionize our lives and those of future generations.

 The initiative, because of the consolidated format that combines conferences, workshops and exhibition areas, offers a high level of information and training moments.

 But it is also for its interactive appeal and its evolution encompassing many topics that #MFR19 has become an unmissable event.

 Italian and European companies, makers and innovators bring their experience and ideas in order to network and moreover to compare best practice.

 Students and researchers, but also families, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and professionals, will have the opportunity to discover over 600 selected projects from almost 50 different countries, spread across 7 themed pavilions.

 The seventh edition of the fair - promoted and organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce - is the first during which it is committed to the Carbon Free and Plastic Free approach.

 The great issue of the circular economy and, in particular, of bioeconomy, green building and green tech are topical issues to which the Maker Faire Rome 2019 has already dedicated an entire pavilion since last year’s edition.

 And this year, Maker Faire Rome will make a further leap forward in that it will be the first Italian trade fair event to show a real sensitivity to climate change through the adoption of a carbon neutral approach, as well as being plastic free.

 The intention is to start a virtuous, difficult and demanding cycle that can reduce the environmental impact of the Faire by transforming it into an event of great environmental, as well as technological, value.  In fact, all greenhouse gas emissions generated during the days of the event will be compensated through the planting of the Maker Faire forest thanks to the collaboration with the start-up zeroCO2, whose trees will be individually traced with a code and a system of georeferencing.

 In support of this ambitious project, as part of Maker Faire Rome 2019 all the material used to supply food and beverages will be entirely biodegradable and certified compostable.  Considering the size of Maker Faire Rome, this is a very significant organisational and economic effort, but one of great symbolic and environmental value, which involved almost a year of joint work with all the stakeholders involved.

 Visitors will be invited to take part in this project by being asked to not introduce plastic bottles or containers into the fairgrounds.

 100 per cent of the electricity consumed will be renewable.

 This year the Maker Faire – The European Edition will launch the new section dedicated entirely to art (Maker Art). Art is a great engine for raising awareness and for making an analysis of the vast changes that characterise our time. In particular, art that uses technology is not only important today for the world of culture, but for society in general.

 There will be a succession of interactive installations along the path of the event, designed to involve the public and represent the many and different ways of interpreting the culture of technological innovation.

 Another novelty of Maker Faire Rome 2019 will be the inauguration of the pavilion dedicated to the technological development of sporting activity in both competitive and amateur fields.

 In the 300 square meters of pavilion 6 it will be possible to observe how the innovations in the field of materials, measurements and health are substantially changing performance, diffusion and sports culture.

 All this offers opportunities for job development, often with very high scientific content and research: topics that will be the subject of debates and presentations in the "speech corner" in front of the stands.

 Among the demonstrations of artificial intelligence systems, the Maker Faire Rome will also host a triangular tournament of robotic soccer players, "RoboCup,” featuring the Sapienza University of Rome and two other universities from Switzerland and Germany, in a tournament in which humanoid robotic systems, completely autonomous, will face each other in football matches, testing methods and techniques of artificial intelligence to the state of the art.