DJ Salvini, go-go dancers will continue beach tour

Matteo Salvini at the Papeete Beach Club disco

 MILANO MARITTIMA –  Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is set to continue his beach tour as an unofficial election campaign amid talk of a possible government collapse, Il Messaggero reports on Monday. 

 Mr. Salvini has been enjoying time in the ‘office’ in the company of beautiful young go-go dancers, overseen by body guards in flip flops. 

 Images have surfaced immortalizing the bare-chested League leader at the DJ console, donning headphones; cavorting with podium dancers; and generously posing for selfies with beachgoers.

 But his weekend beach shenanigans at the fashionable Papeete beach club disco have come under fire with critics slamming the deputy prime minister for dancing with scantily clad women to the tune of the Italian national anthem – Inno by Mameli.

 “The national anthem is played under certain circumstances well established by the protocol,” Brigadier General Francesco Maria Ceravolo, president of Cocer Difesa, the Central Council of Representation of Italian defence personnel told Adnkronos.

  Mameli’s hymn should be sung “only on certain occasions and with the right attitude,” he added.