Naff lawyer in undies addressing PM shocks Italy

Capasso addressed Conte in nothing but a t-shirt and his underwear. Photo credit: Il Corriere

NAPLES - A Neapolitan lawyer has made headlines after addressing Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in nothing but his underpants in Campania’s capital, newspapers reported Thursday.

 Raffaele Capasso, 69, a lawyer based in Naples, was relaxing on his sofa Tuesday when he was told that Conte was admiring views of the city from a balcony just across the street, metres from Capasso’s own terrace. Wanting to use the opportunity to discuss legal matters with the premier, a fellow lawyer by profession, he rushed to his balcony to engage Conte, as reported by Il Corriere della Sera.

 Despite wearing very little at the time, Capasso told reporters that he didn’t have time to put anything on lest he miss his opportunity to speak to Conte altogether. “I thought that the PM could only stay on the balcony for a few moments. So I realised that if I had wasted any time finding a pari of trousers to wear, I would have missed my chance.”

 Capasso’s hoped to use the opportunity to kick-start proceedings in the translation of some key financial laws he believes need revising, however attention was rather more drawn to his state of undress than his sharp legal mind.

 Capasso has since stated that he would welcome any further opportunity to discuss the proposed revision of the laws, which he says could economically benefit Italians across the board, in the public eye. Media outlets may, however, prove less keen on the proposal given Capasso propensity for exhibitionism.