Bannon's alt-right gladiator school blocked

Steve Bannon. Image: The New Republic

ROME – The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC) announced that it is revoking the license of the “gladiator” school for far-right politicians which has been strongly supported by Steve Bannon, according to ANSA.

 The Dignitatis Humanae Institute failed to meet various contractual obligations which has led to a revocation at which many will be pleased.

 Dubbed a ‘gladiator’ school for the alt-right, the Institute is a Catholic college outside Rome which teaches students how to defend the “Judaeo-Christian West” according to Steve Bannon. The former Chief Strategist to Donald Trump and founder of right-wing Breitbart news designed most of the curriculum for the “sovereignty school." He is a long-time admirer of Italian politics.

 There have been many in surrounding Collepardo, in Frosinone, who have protested against the school. Nicola Fratoianni, a member of the Italian Left, declared: “[This] is fantastic news. It is a victory for the law, for common sense, and for the people who had seen their important and beautiful home snatched from them.”