The new project teaching young people about environment

ROME – The ClimAlt Project is the latest commendable attempt to teach young people about climate change and the concomitant challenges it poses, and to increase discussion about what can be done.

 Part-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme, it aims to train individuals aged 20 to 30, free of charge, on the causes, impacts and potential solutions of changes to the environment.

 The programme runs Jan 2019 to Dec 2020 and is available in English, Italian, Bulgarian and Croatian. Principally, it is a 32-hour e-earning course which includes four in-depth webinars open to the public, each of which focuses on different sustainability models from various countries.

 Its stated aims are youth empowerment and an enhanced critical attitude among those it reaches to the multifarious aspects of climate change and the debate surrounding it.

 The educational game they are developing to help “the youth” apply knowledge and competences they’ve acquired might be a stretch. In the entertainment universe that the young inhabit, competition is fierce. But this is a worthy project nonetheless.

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