Prosecution asks for life in American murder trial

Beau Solomon. Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

ROME – The prosecution has asked for a life sentence for Massimo Galioto, accused of murdering 19-year old American student Beau Solomon who drowned in the Tiber just 16 hours after arriving in the city, reported La Repubblica.

 Roman prosecutors Nadia Plastina and Gennaro Varone pushed for the harshest possible sentence for the homeless man, who has been on trial since Solomon’s body was found two days after his disappearance in 2016.

 Solomon, from Wisconsin, had arrived in Rome to study at John Cabot, a liberal arts university in Trastevere, but was in the Eternal City for less than a day. Galioto, 44, was homeless and living beside the Tiber when the incident occurred near the Ponte Garibaldi. According to the prosecution, a fight broke out when Solomon, who had had his wallet stolen, accused a group of men of the theft, amongst whom the accused. Galioto, apparently drunk, punched Solomon twice and pushed him to his death in the river.

 The key piece of evidence in the case is CCTV footage, which may corroborate these accusations though the images are blurry. When it came to light, though, it was enough for the charge against Galioto to be upgraded to voluntary murder.

 The ex-fiancée of Galioto, who also lived beside the Tiber in the makeshift camp, has not necessarily helped his case. Alessia Pennachhioli has changed her account of the events at least five times.