Nursing association rocked by sexual and financial scandals

Photo credit: Il Messaggero

ROME - Italy’s National Institution for Care and Assistance in the Nursing Profession (ENPAPI) has been shaken by allegations of sex and financial scandals at top administrative levels of the body dating back to 2015.

 Il Messaggero revealed Thursday that Rome’s prosecutor’s office had found evidence of bribes and various “elegant dinners” with the involvement of “ladies” amongst ENAPAPI’s management. Company president Mario Schiavon and former director general Marco Bernardini were arrested by authorities on February 19 on related charges of corruption and obstruction of justice. They were joined in prison by two further ENPAPI employees: a lawyer and an accountant.

 Schiavon and Bernardini are alleged to have, with the help of their lawyer, convinced ENPAPI’s management to make “millions of euros” worth of investments into various funds, decisions that they were not entitled to make.

 Schiavon and Bernardini were also the recipients of financial bribes, tickets to the 2015 Champions league final between Juventus and Barcelona, and allegedly enjoyed promiscuous evenings with escorts in Rome, Milan, and Taormina, each event costing between 500 and 800 euros.

 Further investigations into the corruption are still ongoing.