Noemi gunman and his brother arrested

Gunman Armando del Re. Photo credit: Erreemme News

NAPLES - The man allegedly responsible for the shooting of four-year-old Noemi in Naples was arrested Friday, police said.

 Armando del Re, believed to be gunman who shot the child near Piazza Nazionale leaving her in a critical condition, was arrested alongside his brother, Antonio, who was allegedly his accomplice on the day of the attack.

 Noemi remains in hospital in critical condition after she underwent surgery to remove a projectile that had passed through both of her lungs.  The child was injured along with her grandmother, Immacolata Molino, when the pair emerged Friday from a nearby building during an ambush on Salvatore Nurcaro, a local mafia boss with links to the Rinaldi clan.

 The people of Naples have since rallied against organised crime, hundreds of protestors gathering throughout the city to decry the ongoing violence the city is subject to. A vigil to Noemi was also held in front of the hospital where the girl is reportedly be slowly recovering.