Italian NGO coordinator found dead in Cape Verde

David Solazzo had been working on Fogo since November 2018. Photo credit: Il Tirreno

FLORENCE - An Italian NGO coordinator has died on Fogo, an island that forms part of Cape Verde, local police authorities have said.

 David Solazzo, a 31-year-old from Florence, was found dead in his home on Thursday morning after having gone out for dinner with friends the evening before. He is believed to have lived alone and the cause of his death is still unclear.

 Solazzo, a project coordinator for Florentine NGO COSPE (Co-operation for the Development of Emerging Countries), had been living on Fogo since he arrived in Cape Verde in November having previously worked for the same NGO in Angola. 

 Described as “a serious and passionate friend and professional,” Solazzo had been working on a project called ‘Rotas de Fogo’ which aimed at improving the sustainability of tourism on the island. 

 In a post on their website, COSPE said it was “shocked by the tragic news” and was committed to investigating the cause of the man’s death. It also expressed its support for Solazzo’s friends, family and girlfriend at a difficult time.

 Investigations to ascertain why Solazzo died suddenly this week are still ongoing.