Six teenage murderers confess to Mariam crime

Mariam died after being beaten up by six teenage girls while studying in Nottingham. Photo credit: Facebook

NOTTINGHAM - All six members of a gang that murdered Mariam Moustafa in the United Kingdom last year have now confessed to their crimes, judicial sources have said.

 Moustafa, an Italian citizen of Egyptian descent who grew up in Ostia, died in a hospital in Nottingham after being beaten up by members of a local gang in a racially motivated attack. Three seventeen-year-old girls, two fifteen-year-olds and a nineteen-year-old were arrested in connection with the murder.

 Two of the girls confessed to their actions in the following months, however the remaining four had upheld their innocence up until Monday when they pleaded guilty. The six are on trial for aggression, not murder as Moustafa died three weeks after the assault, and are now to appear on trial although no date has yet been fixed.

 Mohamed Moustafa, the victim’s father, took little solace from the latest development and condemned the British justice system for failing to communicate with him and his family about the case.

 “No one informed us of the confession of all the girls,” he told press in the United Kingdom, “this is yet another lack of respect for our family.”

 “The British justice system is failing with regards to our daughter’s case, as demonstrated by the fact that we know nothing about the various hearings and find out only afterwards from the English newspapers. So far, we have seen only mistakes and negligence.”