Freedom of press in Italy amongst worst in Europe

Countries shaded in lighter colours represent those in which freedom of press is considered to be better. Photo credit: RSF

ROME - Italy’s freedom of press is ranked 43rd in the world and the worst in western Europe, according to the latest study released by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

 RSF have revealed that only 24 per cent of countries worldwide have what they call a “good” or “quite good” freedom of press, a reduction of 2 per cent in the last year alone.

 Italy is considered “quite good,” although it is the lowest ranked of the countries in this category and does not fare well in comparison to EU counterparts.

 Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark top the rankings while the likes of Switzerland, Germany Ireland and Spain all rank in the top 30.

 Only seven countries in the EU rank lower than Italy: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, and Romania.

 The RSF have warned that “democratic models are in great danger” and urged people across the world to fight against the “weapon[s] of fear” used by governments to impinge on individual freedom.

 The ranking is released on a yearly basis by the RSF as seeks to put pressure on authorities, governments, and international organisations in the fight for freedom and the independence of media.

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