CREA Director arrested on suspicion of abuse of power

Ida Marandola was arrested by the Guardia di Finanza. Photo credit: Il Mercoledì

ROME - Ida Marandola, the General Director of the Council for Research in Agriculture and the Analysis of Land Economy (CREA), has been arrested on suspicion of “grave irregularities” in the management of the institution.

 She was picked up by the Italian Finance Police and accused of having inflated the number of employees who work for the body so as to privately select a new headquarters for CREA. By exaggerating the number of her employees, Marandola was able to privately select a new office rather than falling back on those already at her disposal offered by the State.

 When it came to the office move, Marandola is also thought to have artificially split up contracts so as to remain within her budget while being able to select the companies employed to carry out the services.

 Marandola is also accused of not having reduced the rent of the two CREA properties by the 15% stipulated in the latest spending review, a sum which amounts to circa 700,000 euros of State finances.

 Four other officials of the body were also arrested on suspicion of fraud, embezzlement, and abuse of power.