League demands more Italian songs on radio

Alessandro Morelli

ROME – One in three songs played on national and private radio stations in Italy must be Italian, said League party MP Alessandro Morelli, who has submitted a bill in the Lower House that would make it compulsory.

 The current chair of the Lower House transport committee and ex director of the League party’s radio station, Radio Padania, also wants another 10 percent of airtime devoted to emerging Italian artists and small record labels.

 Mr Morelli quoted research that found, on average, less than 23 percent of airtime is dedicated to Italian songs on Italy’s 10 most popular radio stations.

 “Music is not just a pastime, but a story of our life, our culture, moments in life, places and feelings,” he said. “Promoting Italian music means supporting the culture industry of our country and therefore the many people who work in it.”