Vesuvius earthquake swarm sparks scientists’ concerns

Photograph by NewsBeezer of Vesuvius.

ROME - A swarm of earthquakes struck Vesuvius in the early hours of Monday morning, the latest event in a recent wave of seismic activity on the volcano.

 A light tremor was detected in the crater of the volcano at 00.42 am, measuring 2.4 with an epicentre depth of 1.63 kilometres. It was reported by the Vesuvius Observatory.

 Another tremor was detected at 2.54, measuring 0.2. The director of the Vesuvius Observatory, Francesca Bianco, has insisted that, “all parameters under moderation at the moment do not show any anomalies." 

 This latest earthquake swarm comes amid a wave of seismic activity that has struck the volcano as of late. Italians living on the volcano’s slopes have been advised to formulate evacuation procedures. Francesco Emilio Borrelli, a regional councillor with the Green party, recently declared, “I shall ask National Civil Protection to press ahead swiftly with the creation of a calendar of the simulations and evacuation drills, in order to verify all criticalities.”

 According to the Vesuvius Observatory, minor tremors have been detected on the volcano for some time. Residents of its slopes have reportedly felt shocks and tremors, though no damage has so far been recorded.