Juventus director Marotta to leave club

ROME – The “era” of chairman Andrea Agnelli will get underway in the next few weeks, as director Beppe Marotta leaves the club, Il Fatto Quotidiano reports.

  The decision has been made not to renew Marotta’s contract, which reaches its conclusion on Oct. 25, about which the soon-to-be ex-director simply commented “our paths are separating.”

 His acrimonious departure is said to be in relation to the club’s signing of Cristiano Ronaldo during the summer transfer window. Marotta made no statements about the transfer at all, despite it being the largest in the club’s history, while Agnelli was very public about his involvement in the deal, flying on his private jet to Greece to meet the Portuguese star.

 Il Fatto reports that the transfer demonstrated a difference in approach to the future of the club from the two sides. Thus, in order to consolidate his position within the club’s power structure, Agnelli decided that Marotta’s contract would not be renewed.

 Marotta’s position will, for now, be left unfilled. Potential replacements include long-time servant of the club, both in playing and management positions, Pavel Nedved. Regardless of who fills the position, it is clear that Agnelli will have the final say. His status as “head of Juventus” is now indisputable, according to Il Fatto.

 Under his leadership, Juventus can be expected to strive towards wider international appeal, as Agnelli attempts to model his role on that of Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid chairman.

 Despite the unprecedented success of the previous seven years, a “revolution” is coming, Il Fatto reports. Agnelli has shown no fear in removing those who do not align themselves with his vision and direction for the club and will continue to do so as he looks to develop Juventus into a world-leading organisation.