23 investigated following fascist funeral for professor

SASSARI – Twenty-three people are under investigation following fascist salute video gone viral, said local newspaper, La Nuova Sardegna, on Monday.

 The investigated have been identified by Digos, the Italian law enforcement agency, after video showing a fascist demonstration filmed outside a church went viral. The demonstration took place last week during the funeral of Giampiero Todini, a history of Italian law professor at the University of Sassari. According to the Sardinian newspaper, the investigation may involve more individuals. Amongst the 23 currently identified by Digos is the son of the defunct professor, Luigi Todini a top exponent of the neo-fascist political party, Casapound.

 The video shows over 20 individuals chanting “camerata Gianpiero Todini” with arms raised straight portraying the roman salute, widely considered a symbol of fascism. The prosecutor’s office has opening a case investigating crimes linked with fascist demonstrations.

 The evidence gone viral on Facebook, collecting more than 24,000 views, has created public controversy. Gianfranco Ganau, president of the county district said “What happened in Sassari is an apology of fascism act and is absolutely intolerable and unacceptable. I hope that the individuals investigated will be held accountable in court. This is the result of the wave of intolerance that is passing through our country.”

 Lella Careddu, a left-wing municipal official said, “In our city, in the courtyard of a church, fascists without shame.” Gianpiero Todini was knighted by the President of the Republic Francesco Cossiga and also became Commander.