Scores arrested for counterfeiting ‘San Daniele’ prosciutto

ROME – A total of 103 people are being investigated for counterfeiting ‘Prosciutto di San Daniele’ at a slaughterhouse in Aviano in the north of Italy, where 270 hams have been seized worth a total of 27 million euros, police said on Monday.

 The judge in Pordenone is investigating numerous crimes for those who have committed the commercial fraud. The suspects include both managers and employees at the slaughterhouse in Aviano, breeders and health inspectors.

 Along with counterfeit charges, 270 thousand prosciutto hams have been seized, worth a total value of 27 million euros. Currently, 62 people are under arrest – all from production, control and health lines – together with 25 businesses.

 The investigation is similar to the one carried out by the judge in Turin on the crime related to the ‘DOP Prosciutto di Parma’. The disputed behaviour also concerns the marketing of pork with the “Aqua” regional quality certification, whose production regulations are similar to that of San Daniele ham.