Brescia Prosecutor in hot water for son's armed robbery

Tommaso Buonanno.

ROME – The chief prosecutor in Brescia, Tommaso Buonanno, has been landed in difficulty after Carabinieri investigators announced on Monday that his son had been arrested in connection with an armed robbery in the town of Zogno, in Lombardy.

 Gianmarco Buonanno, 32, is accused of having been one of three men who committed an armed robbery of a “Conad” Supermarket on Wednesday, Jan 31. He was said to have been carrying a machine gun while the gang, all wearing masks, stole 12,000 euros from the store.

 La Stampa reported that he had previously been treated for drug addiction. In fact, he was due to give evidence at a hearing relating to a community for drug addiction and difficult behaviour, where staff are accused of maltreating the inhabitants.

 Investigators revealed that they had been led to the prosecutor’s son through photographs of the getaway car that was registered in the prosecutor’s name.

 He was arrested at home and conveyed to Bergamo prison on Saturday but police only announced his arrest following the weekend.

 One of his accomplices, Luigi Mazzocchi, 49, was arrested not long after the theft, with money and weapons recovered from his house.

 Nevertheless, the incident is not the first time that Tommaso Buonanno has been landed in trouble by his sons. In March 2017, another of his sons, Francesco, was put under house arrest for the sale and use of cocaine amongst the ultras of Atalanta football team, who were said to have taken the drug before breaking into violence outside the team’s stadium.