Salvini shrugs off end of life laws

Matteo Salvini

ROME - Northern League leader, Matteo Salvini, sparked controversy when he said, “I deal with those who are alive, not those who are dead,” while referring to the end of life bill under discussion by Parliament.

 Salvini stated that his party is ready to discuss the issue when it came to the vote, however, there are more pressing issues to attend to before that point. He emphasised that, "more than a good death, I'm concerned about having a good life.”

 "As a matter of fact, as the Lombardy region, we are helping to open hospices to accompany those who are in the end: we have little more to learn about this. But there are millions of Italians who would like to survive day to day and this parliament is neglecting.”

 Salvini, head of a anti-EU and anti-immigration party, raised the issue of the citizenship of Migrant children as an issue that requires more revision as “a useless and damaging law."