Woman involved in Judge Falcone murder, DNA shows

Falcone's car

ROME - New DNA evidence retrieved by forensic experts has revealed that a woman was part of the Cosa Nostra assassination team that blew up Italy's top crimefighter, Judge Giovanni Falcone along with his wife and police escort in  May 1992. Falcone was a well known enemy of organised crime, especially that of the Sicilian mafia. Following a slew of other politicial assassinations at the hands of the mafia, including Sicilian politician Salvatore Lima, the mob's attention turned to Falcone.

 As much as 400 kilograms of explosive was placed in a drainage pipe under a Sicilian highway, a consciously symbolic reassertion of power of the mafia over Sicily, Falcone’s motorcade was blown up. His wife and three escort officers were killed in the blast that was large enough to register on earthquake monitoring equipment. Then 57 days later, another Italian judge, Paolo Borsellino, was murdered in a second bombing that claimed the lives of 5 officers and injured dozens.

 New forensic equipment has allowed evidence to be reprocessed. Investigations in DNA evidence has already ruled out two genetic profiles belong to John Aiello, known as Monster Face, a former policeman who was suspected of the killing. Interestingly, other DNA profiles have been recovered and one belongs to an unknown woman that the authorities suspect was involved in the murder. Professor Nicola Resta, professor of medical genetics at the University of Bari, has extrapolated the genetic codes "of at least three other individuals where, however, the feminine component attributable to one or more female subjects is better represented."

 Among the fingerprints of the woman, the fingerprint of another man, and of Salvatore Biondo were found. Biondo was a well known strategist of Cosa Nostra. Chief prosecutor, Amedeo Bertone, has announced that investigators have “a busy calendar of things to do,” in piecing together the murder.


Giovanni Falcone