Priest holds no sympathy for assaulted girl

Lorenzo Guidotti pictured during a ceremony. Photo from

BOLOGNA - An Italian priest has left a long and capitalized message on Facebook expressing his lack of sympathy for a girl raped on a train while intoxicated. In a shocking message, Lorenzo Guidotti of Bologna has put forward the view that a person who chooses to drink heavily has no right to complain about an assault. 

 “Should I feel pity? No!! I keep that for those who are really VICTIMS of a sh***ily run city, not for those who live like barbarians with barbarians and then complain when they discover they haven’t been treated civilly. Those who CHOOSE the culture of GETTING DRUNK should let others ‘enjoy’ themselves too.”

 The 17 year-old girl has said that she was raped on Nov. 2 by a boy from Maghreb after spending the evening with friends. She woke up later half-naked. The priest has responded with the message that “to wake up half-naked at this point is the least that can happen to you, I’m sorry but if you swim in a piranha tank you can’t complain when you’re missing a limb when you get out.”

 Guidotti said in his statement that his words were not an attack on the girl, but to other children and to the parents of children, who participate in drinking and drug-taking.