City councillors investigated for fatal Turin stampede

Turin Stampede

ROME - Investigators are concluding their initial investigation into the stampede in Turin in June. The tragedy occured during the screening of the Champion League final between Juventus and Real Madrid. 20 notices have been issues including city councillors, managers, and organisers of the event.

 Maria Paolini, a student present at the event, recounted the events of the night. “A bright light went off in the second half and someone shouted bomb … everyone ran to the closest exit, probably 500 people trying to go through a single one way exit.”

 She mentioned, besides the lack of exits, the vendors being allowed to sell glass bottles in the square vastly increased the injuries. The bottles broke in the hands of spectators as the crowd crammed together, desperately trying to leave. “When the crowd broke there were people bleeding on the ground, blood and glass everywhere, police and ambulances arriving but mainly people still running away.”

 During the stampede, the stairs to the underground parking collapsed. “The scene cleared minutes later and all that was left was a collapsed staircase leading to the car park, shoes and bags everywhere, blood stained walls and floor … in the light of day the blood was still everywhere, people were calling it piazza della macchia di sangue (of the blood stain.)”

 In all 1,527 people were injured, 7 seriously so. A 38 year old woman died in hospital from the injuries sustained.