Dicktatorship is one of the projects of the MIA

Lucia Milazzotto, Director of MIA

ROME - “To have a penis is to be chained to a madman” wrote Sophocles more than 2500 years ago. He was right then and he is still right today. Donald Trump won the White House despite his openly misogynist and chauvinistic stands.

 Intellectuals, feminists, activists, democrats and even some Republicans are asking themselves: how can this be possible? There is a place in the world that could have the answers to that question. It’s Italy! Everything in the country seems to revolve around the dick. Fed up with this phallocentric system, Gustav and Luca, directors of the award-winning doc Italy: Love it or Leave It, decide to find out what holds together the so called three P: penis, power and politics. To do so, they decide to use their homeland Italy as a case-study and look into five pillars that might hold the answers to their quest: the political system, education, media, the church and family. Where does the idea of male supremacy come from? How could a misogynist system still be preserved even today?

 There are different theories that try to explain the phenomena. Gustav and Luca will look into all of them, leading the audience into a kaleidoscopic and ironic journey.

 Dicktatorship, directed by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi and produced by DocLab, is one of the selected projects for the 2017 edition of the MIA | DOC Pitching Forum.

 The 3rd edition of MIA Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo will take place in Rome from 19 to 23 October 2017.

 With 1500 participants coming from 58 countries in the previous editions, MIA has become an exclusive appointment for producers and distributors of high-value content, films and TV series: a platform to buy and sell content based on four main market assets: matchmaking, co-production and pitching forum, panel and talks, screenings. MIA is also recognized as an important driving force for the production capacity of the Italian audio-visual system at international level.  

 MIA is created, developed and produced by ANICA (Italian Association of Film industries) and APT (Italian Association of Television Producers). For the first time, professional associations are directly involved in designing the market; their participation makes MIA an initiative that perfectly meets the needs of the industry and becomes a real opportunity of presenting the “Italian System” on the international stage.  

 This year, the market has a new logo and a new claim, Matching Excellence. Both highlight the position the market assumes in the landscape of the international meetings for the audio-visual industry: a place where to establish and reinforce business relationships between global market leaders where the Italian excellence is the major player.  

 One of the main innovations of this year is the venue: MIA will carry out its activities in the “district” of Piazza Barberini, from the Palazzo Barberini to the Hotel Bernini Bristol and the Cinema Barberini.

 MIA is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, ICE, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Regione Lazio and the MEDIA Programme. The Fondazione Cinema per Roma and the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund are MIA partners. Its editorial committee is made by: Anica, Apt, CartoonIT, 100 Autori, Italian Film Commissions, UNEFA.


 Three are sections for the 2017 edition: MIA CINEMA, a co-production market that led more than 50% of the projects selected over the previous editions to their realisation and a reference platform for the European industry in autumn, where to watch and buy the most recent productions of high-quality independent films with 120 screenings in 4 days, as well as the showcase What’s Next Italy. MIA TV, a high-profile meeting place for the global TV industry with the main objective of promoting debate, networking, partnerships, agreements and new business opportunities in a time of profound changes for the Italian industry. The second edition of the Drama Series Pitching Forum and for the first time the Italian TV Upfront are two of the highly-anticipated events. MIA DOC, a selective and efficient platform supporting the co-productions and the distribution of documentaries and factual television. This year MIA DOC will focus on the topic of investigative, current affairs and human interest.

 MIA 2017 will also feature two special programmes: YAS (young adult spotlight) will put a spotlight onto kids/teens and young adults contents with a special focus on graphic novels. Another focus will be dedicated to animation, among the most efficient and innovative forms of audio-visual storytelling.


 The Eurimages Fund will assign the Best MIA Cinema Project Award, recognising MIA’s important role in the support of co-productions and business relationships of international major projects. EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani (leading company in the VFX sector) introduces the MIA EDI Visionary Award, dedicated to film, TV Series and documentary projects characterised by innovativeness in storytelling through an excellent use of visual effects. The fourth edition of the

 Carlo Bixio Prize is one of the events hosted by MIA 2017: young writers between 18 and 30 years old are called upon to engage in a TV series project with international prospects and no limitation of genre.