Brother of Marseilles terrorist arrested in Ferrara

Anis Hanachi

ROME - The brother of Ahmed Hanachi, the killer of two women in Marseilles Saint Charles Station in Marseilles, has been arrested in Ferrara on Oct. 7. Anis Hannachi, 25, was accused being complicit with the crimes of his brother. An anti terrorist unit, working in conjunction with the French Authorities, captured Anis Hanachi in the investigation following the issuing of a European arrest warrant. A press conference will be held at 10:30 on Oct. 10.

 Anis Hanachi had previously travelled to Syria in order to fight, the exact militia he was aligned with has not yet been named. It is the theory of the transalpine authorities that it was Anis who indoctrinated his brother. Ahmed had reportedly been connected to Anis Amri, a fellow Tunisian, and the driver behind the Christmas Market massacre in Berlin last year that left 12 people dead. Authorities have stated that there is “no evidence” that Anis Hanachi has been plotting to carry out any terrorist acts in Italy, yet the investigation remains open.