ShowRum Festival in Rome


ROME - If you like rum, this is your week. The fifth annual ShowRUM – Italian Rum Festival, one of the world’s largest rum festivals, didn’t you know, starts on Oct 8. There will be 70 exhibitors from 50 countries, 400 labels, and thousands of liters being poured for the 8000 visitors, all brought together by their love of rum.

For those who want to expand your knowledge of rum, the rum industry, or just learn what foods go well with rum then there are seminars and master classes for you with great titles like: "Food and Rum Matching focus", “Saving money at the bar”, and “"Tiki techniques.”


The events of the Cocktail week are as follows:

Thu Oct. 5th is Diplomatico Night,

Fri Oct. 6th is Abuelo night

Sat. Oct. 7th is Appleton Estate night

Sun Oct. 8th is DonQ night

Mon Oct. 9th is the cachaca night.


Details can be found at: