Umbria under spotlight at Foreign Press Club

The quaint Umbrian town of Amelia

ROME- A workshop took place in the conference room of the Foreign Press Club to establish relationships between Umbrian tour operators, the press and colleagues from other regions, in order to increase visitors' arrival flows in the region.

 Umbria showed its excellences, and thanks to the meetings promoted by the Perugia Chamber of Commerce, it is trying to reverse a negative trend and to become a protagonist in the ranking of travellers' destinations.

 To illustrate the various proposals, President Philip Willan welcomed the initiative receiving Fabrizio Fratini, Deputy Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia, tourism expert Simona Fanelli, and Micaela Rengo of Umbriasì.

 There was a discussion about the intact wonders of the region, the excellence of the food and wine, the inestimable cultural and religious heritage and the variety of accommodation offer harmoniously integrated into the towns, making Umbria an ideal destination any season. 

Diversification in tourism marketing seems to be the winning card for a region that has strong environmental and cultural attractions and many thematic areas, ranging from trekking to spirituality to gastronomy.

 "The new program for the promotion of the tourist offer of the province of Perugia and of the whole of Umbria represents the continuation of a group of activities that the Chamber of Commerce has always dedicated to the tourism sector, in the awareness that this represents, in its transversal nature, a fundamental factor for the development of the regional economy,” stated Fabrizio Fratini. 

 The purpose of the meeting between Umbrian tour operators and those of Lazio, in a prestigious venue such as that of the ASEI, is to show that the seismic events that last year hit a small part of the territory would not hinder the reception of tourists, which, according to the data recently provided by Bankitalia, right up to the day of the earthquake, had largely chosen Umbria. T

 The increase up to Aug. 24 was 7.3 percent at the regional level. In detail, the increase was in Spoleto area (+23.9), followed by Gubbio area (+14.1) and Foligno area (+12.9). Assisi recorded +8 percent. Umbrian tourism just before the earthquake last August 24 was flourishing to the highest levels since 2007. 

 The operators mentioned a long list of excellent cultural sites in the region: from the heritage attractions of UNESCO, to the many medieval villages and towns that allow a rich experience from the historical, cultural, artistic and architectural point of view, till the nature. Umbria has a "green and blue heart", which allows you to enjoy many outdoor sports activities thanks to Lake Trasimeno and to national and regional parks, authentic lifestyles, religious events, walking paths . 

 Umbrian food and wine, in particular that of Perugia, is also famous: just think of black truffles, Norcia ham, as well as wines such as Sagrantino di Montefalco and numerous PDO and PGI products. The area also boasts internationally renowned events such as UmbriaJazz, Eurochocolate and many more. 

 A few weeks before the meeting, a group of foreign press reporters also had an inspection of Amelia, Narni and the surrounding area in connection with the International Press Prize ‘Terre dell’Infinito’ and to have direct experience with the Colli Amerini area where it resists, with thousands of trees, the ancient olive tree Raio, from which a rare quality extra virgin olive oil is extracted, named ‘the Founders’ Infinite’, unique in the world, and which is not commercially available, but is reserved only to people who have been distinguished for works and services made for the benefit of humanity or for the respect and preservation of the planet.


The Umbrian Tour operators speaking at the Foreign Press Club
Foreign media representatives under the old Raio olive tree, near Amelia