House arrest for Alfredo Romeo

ROME -- The Neapolitan entrepreneur Alfredo Romeo is to be moved from jail to house arrest, after being arrested in March for corruption charges in connection to CONSIP.

Romeo has spent the last four months in the Regina Coeli jail in Rome and will remain there until he receives an electric bracelet. This may take some time, however, as seen in the case of actor Domenico Diele. The latter was arrested on June 23 killing a woman whilst driving and remains in prison in Salerno for lack of an electric bracelet. If the same shortage is to be seen in Rome, Alfredo Romeo may have to wait before returning home.

The Campania born businessman is a key figure in the enquiry into CONSIP (the state company under the Work Ministry in charge of public works contracts). Romeo is reported to have handed a 100,000 euros over three years to Marco Gasparri, the ex-Director of Services and Utility Sourcing at CONSIP and head of the department responsible for the call of bids for public service contracts. Gasparri is claimed to have given Romeo privileged information in exchange for the money which helped Romeo’s company to secure the contracts in 2013.

The inquiry will also look at the alleged involvement of Matteo Renzi’s right-hand man and the Minister of Sport Luca Lotti, Matteo Renzi’s father Tiziano Renzi, Military Police Commander General Tullio Del Sette, Military Police Commander of Tuscany General Emanuele Saltalamacchia and former Campania Region Governor Stefano Caldoro.