Gentiloni praises Business in Campania

Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni

NAPLES – Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni arrived in Sannio, in the Province of Benevento, earlier Wednesday and visited two of the region’s top companies bearing Italian brands of excellence.

 "It’s time to say ‘that’s enough’ to those who keep complaining that the South cannot produce avant-garde companies. I’d like to thank the courage of this company because it didn’t let water or anyone else soak it through and through,” said Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni at the Rummo Pasta factory Wednesday.

 Accompanied by Under Secretary of Infrastructure and Transport Umberto Del Basso De Caro, Campania Governor Vincenzo de Luca, President of the Province of Benevento Claudio Ricci and the Mayor of Airola Michele Napoletano, the government leader began his brief visit to Campania at the Alder group plant in Airola (Benevento), a company leader in the production of automotive and aerospace products which survived the dreadful crisis that hit the local industrial sector.

 After a brief helicopter ride, he reached Rummo, an undeletable world symbol in artisan pastas. There, Under Secretary GioacchinoAlfano and Del Basso De Caro along with Mayor of Benevento Clemente Mastella and PD Provincial Secretary Carmine Valentino were waiting for him.

 Using words of praise to company staff after CEO Cosimo Rummo showed him the factory, the government leader emphasized the great job the Campania pasta company had done in picking itself back up again after the huge flood that struck the area in October 2015.

 Leaving much of Sannio in despair after the devastating natural disaster just short of two years ago, companies hit hard like Rummo managed to roll up their sleeves and put the pieces of their activities back together ready to compete again on the market.

 “Thanks to all of you,” he continued, “ because you are a true example for Italy and for the South. The presence here of all civil, religious, local, territorial and government authorities is a testimony of how a positive experience is a message for our country. Here, you performed a miracle after the big flood. I have seen the photographs and they are horrible. Those who have seen them and visit the company today realize the extent of that miracle.”

 Linking the Agro-Food success story to his earlier visit at Alder Group in Airola, the government official goes on to say: “This demonstrates that our know how and our capacity for innovation are winners when coupled by business capacity that bets on and invests together with institutions that are willing to lend a helping hand.”

 His words of praise for Campania and its success stories were also accompanied by disappointed observations on the current situation with airline company Alitalia. “Even though I had already told them some time ago that there was absolutely no chance of nationalising the company, they didn’t take advantage of the opportunity they had to reach an agreement,. I’m very worried, but we’ll work on it. Even though the outcome of the referendum makes everything harder.”

 “Things are moving here in the South,” the Prime Minster said on a brighter note. “Not by chance exports in the last two years from southern regions of this country have increased compared to the rest of Italy.  With state incentives, it’s even more advantageous now to invest. When there’s quality, capacity to innovate and courage, as with the two companies I’ve visited today, there’s a future and there’s work.”

 At the termination of his visit to the Alder Group, President Paolo Scudieri paid homage to the Prime Minister by giving him a family book, in commemoration of the 60 years his groups has been in business, in addition to a work of art from the Neapolitan Sculptor Raffaele Esposito “that depicts the Vesuvius with the sun that must continue to shine on our territory and our initiatives,” he explained.