Recruitment start-up opens up German job market

The new German platform specialises in the intermediation of qualified personnel from all over the world

 ROME-- The Hamburg start-up, Employland, has recently launched, offering a new route into the German workforce, with their website

 The company is innovative- half recruitment agency, half legal advice, greatly facilitating the job search in Germany for qualified professionals such as carers for the elderly, teachers, technicians and many others. Employland deals with the recognition of foreign qualifications and, in the case of non-EU citizens, also working visas.

 “We created the platform Employland with the aim of opening up a route into the German job market, which is booming, to people with or without a degree. At the moment there’s a shortage of specialised staff, and this situation is due to get worse in the immediate future. Not only the job search, but also, often, the bureaucratic procedure, necessary for the recognition of certain qualifications, represent real obstacles. And this is where our Ready-to-work service comes in: companies in Germany can contact directly the qualified workers registered on our site, while our highly competent lawyers offer support throughout the entire procedure, right up to starting at the job,” said the Hans-Christian Bartholatus, founder and administrator of the new online portal.

 To ensure that it fulfils its high economic potential, Germany needs highly qualified international personnel. Judging from demographic trends, Germany needs around 400,000 people to move each year to keep the job market competitive in the long term. In 2012 the federal government put an impressive plan into motion to encourage the immigration of well-qualified people and, in the last few years, the legal conditions have improved significantly. The only thing missing was a platform to fit the pieces together.