IFAD hosts Global Meeting of Indigenous Peoples Forum

Representative speaks at First Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum

 ROME -- The Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum will be hosted by IFAD (the International Fund for Agricultural Development) Friday and Feb. 13.

 The biennial meeting promotes and facilitates dialogue between IFAD, the specialised U.N agency, and representatives of organisations for indigenous populations all across the world. 

 The objective of the forum is to increase participation of indigenous peoples in developmental programmes. It is one of the most important occasions on an international level to analyse, share and learn from past experiences and consolidate collaboration between IFAD and such populations.

 This year will also see the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the U.N declaration on the rights of indigenous people. The agency will work to promote the economic conditions of such peoples, in particular women and children.

 To conclude Monday’s meeting, a special buffet shall be served, featuring typical dishes and traditional wines from various regions and countries worldwide in collaboration with Slow Food.