Italian Stock Market equity roadshow returns to London

Borsa Italiana, Italian Stock Exchange

 LONDON -- The equity roadshow of Italy’s stock exchange, Borsa Italiana, has returned to the British capital after a seven-year gap, proudly showcasing the best of Made in Italy.

 In collaboration with Banca Imi and Banca Intermonte, the roadshow has returned to London in the wake of the controversial Brexit decision and during the wave of political uncertainty in Italy triggered by the recent governmental crisis.

 “Events,” says Alberto Villa, manager of research for Intermonte, “which did not have repercussions on the excellent evolution of the show which, for hundreds of meetings, had confirmed the great interest of the Italian society.”

 The roadshow consists of a list of 18 businesses from eight sectors -- from industry to technology, from utilities to services and finance.

 Patrizia Celia, manager of large capitalization companies, said of the fair, “We are returning to Paris and London in particular with these two days after chiefly concentrating in North American and Asia and we have noted with satisfaction that there is a lot of interest in Italian business.”

 Celia added, “Investors want good investments amongst names which represent Made in Italy in the broad sense and which have positions of leadership within their respective sectors, for example Brembo and De Longhi, only to give two names out of the list.”

 Demand is also high for Amplifon, Autogrill and Fineco. There was also particular interest for Italgas and A2A, amongst utilities, a sector that could be at the centre of M&A.

 There are 130 Houses which are put in line to meet the active groups in the roadshow – 60 billion of stock market capitalization, including the colossus Generali – in many cases arriving in London with the CEO.

 The 2017 roadshow is organised by the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.