Sant'Egidio Christmas Lunch with the poor returns to Rome

Christmas Meal with those in need in the church of Sant’Egidio

 ROME --The tradition of the Sant’Egidio Christmas Lunch with the poor was born more than 30 years ago, and returns this festive season to welcome the elderly, the homeless, families in difficulty, people impoverished by crisis and refugees for a seat at the table.

 The annual feast, to which invitations shall be handed out soon, first began as a table with just small group of people. Since then the tradition has grown, so much so to reach 73 countries around the world, wherever there is a Sant'Egidio community.

 Last year, around 200.000 people took part in the Christmas lunches all over the globe.

 Receiving an invitation is a sign of dignity for those who receiving, as everyone is addressed by name. It is a gesture of friendship that lasts all year round and develops into regular visits that transform the day of those who live in prisons, hospitals, and who suffer loneliness either at home or in a Care Home.

The Rome-based religious community have also given a small gift to the public – by following the link below, you can download for free a short booklet which explains the work that goes into the preparation and delivery of the Christmas Lunch, and the message of solidarity and care behind their charitable project:

 It is also possible to support the Christmas Lunch with the poor through an online donation, click here: