IB Summit in Turin

ROME -- A university summit for IB students was being held in the International School of Turin on Friday March 18.  This is an important event that will see national and international IB school as well as prestigious universities all united under one roof.  All these educational institutions share the same values – that of offering innovative degrees programs in English, which are often niche, but absolutely appealing on the international labour market.

 They are the so-called ‘forward-looking faculties’, university faculties that offer educational programs and specific guidelines to be one step ahead of the changes brought about by the new economic scenario in this digital age.

 “We have limited ourselves to only inviting international universities, which are a natural outlet of the children who follow an IB path, but then we thought of involving Italian universities, starting with those who offer, traditional or otherwise, degree courses taught in English, that can be a viable alternative for IB students.”  This came from Ivano Boragine, the president of the Association of IB World School in Italy.

 The event, which is scheduled at the International School of Turin for March 18, is also an opportunity to promote a better understanding of the IB Diploma in Italy.

 “Despite the IB Diploma Programme being recognised internationally as one of the best pre-university courses in the world, today many Italian university programmes have limited knowledge, therefore the expectations of young IB graduates are often frustrated as they are put into the fast track for the best universities in the rest of the world.”

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