New Venetian concert hall to open on April 23

 VENICE -- A new music space, the “Squero”, will become the auditorium on the island on San Giorgio Maggiore, with the opening set for April 23, said the Giorgio Cini Foundation.  The first of six concerts will see the execution of Ludwig van Beethoven’s string quartet in an event organised in collaboration with the Venetian Quartet and the Asolo Musica Association.

 The Giorgio Cini Foundation presented the new Venetian concert space to the press: the ‘Squero’ on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.  An ancient workshop for the reparation of ships, the building has now been transformed into a modern and appealing auditorium, thanks to the work of the architects Cattaruzza and Millosevich, and with the contribution from the Interregional Board of Education for Public Works in Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, and Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as from the German Virginio Bruni Foundation.

 The public will be able to appreciate this extraordinary place, which has a view that looks straight out over the lagoon, from April 23, when the first of six concerts will get underway which, with their partners the Venice Quartet and the Asolo Musica association, are expected to see the integral execution of Ludwig van Beethoven’s String Quartet (April 23, May 21, June 25, September 17, October 22, November 19).

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