Explaining Italy's inheritance system for English speakers

ROME – Experts from the De Tullio law firm explain the ins and outs of the Italian inheritance system.

 If you have been named as a beneficiary of assets in Italy, and you have decided to accept your Italian inheritance, it is a good idea to use a specialist solicitor to help support you. The Italian inheritance process can be a complex process, so obtaining the right legal advice and having the right lawyer on your side will be massively beneficial in helping you get through it, especially if you are not resident in Italy. This article looks at some of the reasons why you should engage legal services.

 It can be an emotional time. The loss of a loved one makes families feel fragile and emotionally vulnerable. This is completely understandable. Dealing with inheritance issues on top of loss can feel very stressful. Having an attorney with legal expertise in Italian inheritance matters will help relieve some of that strain.

 Protect your inheritance. A specialist Italian counsel will be acting on your behalf - and in your interests - throughout your case. This means that you can be assured of having a calm, rational, professional and trustworthy presence in Italy. You will also receive sound advice for all the issues that arise during the inheritance process.

 Probate is a complicated area of law. Italian probate procedure is not always easy. It can be frustrating and time-consuming. Your solicitor will be able to guide you through all the legal and tax issues that may arise.

 A lawyer can help you gather evidence. You may need to be able to prove your legal entitlement. Your solicitor will be able to provide legal expertise and help you to gather the necessary documents and evidence.

 A lawyer can support you in court. Most inheritance cases are uncontested and if there are claims, cases tend to be settled out of court because it ultimately helps to reduce the cost of the case. However, if your case does end up in court, having an attorney behind you can be enormously advantageous. Having your own attorney will help ensure that all of your documents are in order, strengthen your legal position and add knowledge to your case.

 The above are just a few of the reasons why you should engage a solicitor when accepting an Italian inheritance. Above all, engaging the services of an Italian lawyer who speaks your language will give you the peace of mind that your case is being properly handled and that proceedings run as smoothly and efficiently as they possibly can.

 We have produced a comprehensive Guide To Italian Succession. It is packed with legal advice about the Italian Inheritance process, which we hope you will find useful. You can find the guide on our homepage: http://www.detulliolawfirm.com.

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