Poetry versus technology at Keats-Shelley House

ROME-Scholar and translator Sandra Dučić-Collette will discuss how Shelley’s conception of poetry relates to the idea of technological innovation which revolutionised the life of his contemporaries.  

 The conference “Shelley and the rise of new technologies” will be held in English in the Film Room of the Keats-Shelley House at the foot of the Spanish Steps on Tuesday May 20 at 5pm and is open to the public.

 Ms Dučić-Collette boasts a background in Classical Philology and a wide range of academic interests and expertise, including ancient concepts of love, the influence of Plato on Shelley, and the ancient Japanese conception of the garden, which she researched at Nichibunken International Research Centre in Kyoto as a Culture Communication Fund B.V. Fellow in 2004-5. Her current work embraces several topics in the history of art and literature, including the poetry of Dante and the Romantic movement.

 Booking is recommended but not essential (info@ksh.roma.it; 06 678 42 35).