Valentine’s Day with Keats’ Love Letters to Fanny Brawne

ROME -- The Keats-Shelley House will host a St Valentine’s Day reading of Keats’s letters to his beloved Fanny Brawne.

 The museum, located at the feet of the Spanish Steps, proposes on Friday a lyrical journey back in time with the poet’s famously poignant words as preserved in his widely celebrated correspondence.

  Visitors are invited to enjoy the sheltered atmosphere of the beautiful interiors of the poet’s last home with a glass of prosecco in hand, while listening to some of the most genuinely moving love-letters known to English literature, read out from Italian translations by Giovanna Vincenti, accompanied by Guy Mark Stott as Keats himself.

 John Keats’ letters to his neighbour and later betrothed Fanny have long been subject of literary interest and admiration, renowned for their subtle lyricism and seen as an expression of a thoroughly Romantic spirit and sensitivity.

  With none of Fanny’s replies surviving, Keats’s letters are an invaluable testimony of their intense, passionate relationship, which continues to fascinate and inspire not only the modern-day romantics.

 The event will start at 16.30, with standard museum entrance tickets available on the door.