Vatican set to reopen Necropolis

VATICAN CITY - After two years of excavations, the Vatican will be reopening the necropolis on Via Triumphalis in January, allowing visitors access to one section which has never before been available.
The necropolis in located in the northeast area of the Vatican and contains tombs, mosaics, frescoes, and statues dating from the 100 BCE to 400 CE. The tombs belong mostly to common people, however several soldiers and middle class workers were also buried there.
The necropolis had emerged in various stages, beginning in 1930,  and has been preserved in an excellent state.
Visitors will now be able to admire the necropolis from new walkways built around the area and can learn the history behind the necropolis through multimedia stations which feature touchscreen information guides and videos. 
Information will be available in January on the Vatican website.