Sentence confirmed for police officer who raped American students

 ROME – The Supreme Court of Cassation has confirmed a four-year sentence for Pietro Costa, one of the two former Carabinieri paramilitary police officers accused of raping two American girls in Florence in September of 2017, judicial officials said Friday.

 The other officer, Marco Camuffo, had already been sentenced for four years and four months. Both officers were dismissed from the Carabinieri in 2018 after the internal investigation.

 The two girls, who were 21 at the time, had been studying abroad in Florence on Erasmus. After a late night at Flo Disco, the girls were driven back to their apartment by Costa and Camuffo, who had previously intervened for a fight at the disco. The girls were drunk and of impaired defense when they were escorted into their apartment in Borgo Santi Apostoli. It was there, in the stairwell and in the elevator, that the rape took place.