Statement by SOS Humanity on the decree that the Italian parliament is voting to turn into law

SOS Humanity ship.

BERLIN – After the Italian parliament voted to make the anti-NGO decree into law, widespread criticism arose, as these new regulation seem to breach international and european law. Advocacy officer Mirka Schaefer, comments: 

"Since early January 2023, non-governmental search and rescue has been unlawfully restricted by a decree of the Italian government. Today, the Italian parliament voted to turn the decree into a law. The new regulations and the assignment of distant ports for those rescued from distress at sea are hindering rescue ships from their lifesaving operations. Thus, even more people will die on the world's deadliest migration route.   

The new law violates international and European law. We therefore call on the EU Commission, as the guardian of the law, to take action against these breaches of law by an EU member state!" 


Mirka Schaefer, SOS Humanity Advocacy Officer.