Mattarella accepts Draghi’s resignation, triggering elections in September

President Sergio Mattarella accepts Sig. Draghi's resignation

 ROME – Italian President Sergio Mattarella accepted Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s resignation on Thursday evening, dissolving Parliament, and calling for new elections on Sept 25. 

 After weeks of instability in Italy’s political climate, Sig. Mattarella has given a definitive date to the snap elections triggered by Sig. Draghi’s resignation, in what was supposed to be a “last resort”. This will be the first time that an election will be held in autumn in Italy since 1919. Autumn is usually reserved for dealing with Italy’s budget and is an unusual time to hold an election. 

 “The absence of a prospect for a new majority made the early dissolution of the chambers inevitable,” said Sig. Mattarella after rejecting Sig. Draghi’s first offer to resign and attempting to reform the fractured coalition with no avail. 

 “The period Italy is going through does not allow any pauses,” he added, “energy costs have consequences for families, business, economic difficulties must be addressed, there are many obligations to be dealt with in Italy’s interest.” 

 It is indispensable to “contain the effects of the war in Ukraine in terms of the security of Europe and Italy,” he remarked in the statement issued at the end of his meeting with Senate President Elisabetta Casellati and House Speaker Robert Fico. 

 A centre-right coalition is currently leading in the polls, positioned well for the Sept.25 elections, as fears grow over a possible right-wing alliance.